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healthKRAFT was founded in 2016 by 2 of the existing Directors of Alec MediTech and the Business is transitioned to Alec MediTech Pvt Ltd in 2019 to make it more professional & process driven organization. Business base of healthKRAFT has been taken over by Alec MediTech Pvt Ltd
Alec MediTech is founded by a team of sales and marketing professionals who work full time as Directors providing a significant level of ownership in execution of the company’s marketing strategy. With strong domain relationships and market knowledge, the team is one of the most effective sales leadership in the medical devices arena.


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At Alec Meditech we deliver value to our customers and partners through Market Development Activities, Market Expansion strategies and specialized service models with OR support through our wide range of Medical Devices portfolio from leading healthcare companies. One of the Fastest growing medical device distribution business in India.

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